Infinitesimal moduli of heterotic G_2 systems

15 May 2017
Xenia de la Ossa

A heterotic $G_2$ system is a quadruple $([Y,\varphi], [V, A], [TY,\theta], H)$ where $Y$ is a seven dimensional manifold with an integrable <br /> $G_2$ structure $\varphi$, $V$ is a bundle on $Y$ with an instanton connection $A$, $TY$ is the tangent bundle with an instanton connection $\theta$ and $H$ is a three form on $Y$ determined uniquely by the $G_2$ structure on $Y$. Further, H  is constrained so that it satisfies a condition that involves the Chern-Simons forms of $A$ and $\theta$, thus mixing the geometry of $Y$ with that of the bundles (this is the so called anomaly cancelation condition).  In this talk I will describe the tangent space of the moduli space of these systems. We first prove that a heterotic system is equivalent to an exterior covariant derivative $\cal D$ on the bundle ${\cal Q} = T^*Y\oplus {\rm End}(V)\oplus {\rm End}(TY)$ which satisfies $\check{\cal D}^2 = 0$ for some appropriately defined projection of the operator $\cal D$.  Remarkably, this equivalence implies the (Bianchi identity of) the anomaly cancelation condition. We show that the infinitesimal moduli space is given by the cohomology group $H^1_{\check{\cal D}}(Y, {\cal Q})$ and therefore it is finite dimensional.   Our analysis leads to results that are of relevance to all orders in $\alpha’$.  Time permitting, I will comment on work in progress about the finite deformations of heterotic $G_2$ systems and the relation to differential graded Lie algebras.

  • String Theory Seminar