In Praise of Plato - Willow Winston's Sculptures in the Andrew Wiles Building

The Andrew Wiles Building, our home here in Oxford, is very much a public space with its large exhibition and conference facilities and public cafe. We have hosted theatrical productions, most recently Creation Theatre's stark production of Orwell's '1984' and in particular we have provided an outlet for artists and photographers to display their work.

Yet we are of course primarily a mathematics building - mathematics and mathematicians are evident everywhere you go from Roger Penrose's tiling at the entrance to the mathematical-shaped crystals at the heart of the building. 

Our latest exhibition, Sculptor Willow Winston's 'In Praise of Plato' represents all those elements. An artistic exploration of symmetry, it is a marriage of mathematics and art in a public setting. In Willow's own words "experimenting with geometrical form fabricated in metals, much based on work I have done with Plato's Perfect Solids, I use reflective materials allowing a union between real and virtual worlds, enhancing our ability to climb into the imagination. "

The exhibition, in the Mezzanine space of the Andrew Wiles Building, is open from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and runs until 21 May.