Arithmetic of attractive K3 surfaces and black holes

9 October 2017
Shehryar Sikander

A K3 surface is called attractive if and only if its Picard number is 20: The maximal possible. Attractive K3 surfaces possess complex multiplication. This property endows attractive K3 surfaces with rich and well understood arithmetic. For example, the associated Galois representation turns out to be a product of well known two dimensional representations and the  Hasse-Weil L-function turns out to be a product of well known L-functions. On the other hand, attractive K3 surfaces show up as solutions of the attractor equations in type IIB string theory compactified on the product of a K3 surface with an elliptic curve. As such, these surfaces dictate the near horizon geometry of a charged black hole in this theory. We will try to see which arithmetic properties of the attractive K3 surfaces lend a stringy interpretation and use them to shed light on physical properties of the charged black hole. 

  • String Theory Seminar