Mirror symmetry, mixed motives and zeta(3)

21 November 2017
Wenzhe Yang

In mirror symmetry, the prepotential on the Kahler side has an expansion, the constant term of which is a rational multiple of zeta(3)/(2 pi i)^3 after an integral symplectic transformation. In this talk I will explain the connection between this constant term and the period of a mixed Hodge-Tate structure constructed from the limit MHS at large complex structure limit on the complex side. From Ayoub’s works on nearby cycle functor, there exists an object of Voevodsky’s category of mixed motives such that the mixed Hodge-Tate structure is expected to be a direct summand of the third cohomology of its Hodge realisation. I will present the connections between this constant term and conjecture about how mixed Tate motives sit inside Voevodsky’s category, which will also provide a motivic interpretation to the occurrence of zeta(3) in prepotential. 

  • Algebraic Geometry Seminar