The importance of teaching - mathematicians scoop teaching awards

The importance of a University's teaching may seem a given, but it has received additional scrutiny in the last twelve months via the Government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and more widely as part of a debate on what Universities should offer their students. Oxford has annual teaching awards, voted by its most demanding assessors, namely its students, and this year plenty of mathematicians - Faculty, Postdocs and Graduate students - featured in those awards. Here is a list of the winners, all of whom demonstrate that we are both a research and teaching University and that the two are inseparable.

Prof. Dan Ciubotaru - MPLS Individual Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching 
Dr Derek Goldrei,  Prof. Alex Scott, Dr David Seifert, Dr Phil Trinh, Prof. Andy Wathen - Departmental Teaching Award
Jamie Beacom, James Kwiecinski, Chris Nicholls, Lindon Roberts - Departmental Tutor/TA Teaching Award