Vertex algebras and categorical Kirwan surjectivity

17 May 2018
Jacob Gross

The Grojnowski-Nakajima theorem states that the direct sum of the homologies of the Hilbert schemes on n points on an algebraic surface is an irreducible highest weight representation of an infinite-dimensional Heisenberg superalgebra. We present an idea to rederive the Grojnowski-Nakajima theorem using Halpern-Leistner's categorical Kirwan surjectivity theorem and Joyce's theorem that the homology of a moduli space of sheaves is a vertex algebra. We compute the homology of the moduli stack of perfect complexes of coherent sheaves on a smooth quasi-projective variety X, identify it as a (modified) lattice vertex algebra on the Lawson homology of X, and explain its relevance to the aforementioned problem.

  • Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar