Smooth Lagrangians in conical symplectic resolutions

18 October 2018
Filip Zivanovic

Conical symplectic resolutions are one of the main objects in the contemporary mix of algebraic geometry and representation theory, 

known as geometric representation theory. They cover many interesting families of objects such as quiver varieties and hypertoric

varieties, and some simpler such as Springer resolutions. The last findings [Braverman, Finkelberg, Nakajima] say that they arise

as Higgs/Coulomb moduli spaces, coming from physics. Most of the gadgets attached to conical symplectic resolutions are rather

algebraic, such as their quatizations and $\mathcal{O}$-categories. We are rather interested in the symplectic topology of them, in particular 

finding smooth exact Lagrangians that appear in the central fiber of the (defining) resolution, as they are objects of the Fukaya category.

  • Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar