Deterministic particle approximation for local and nonlocal transport equations

14 September 2018
Marco Di Francesco

The derivation of first-order nonlinear transport PDEs via interacting particles subject only to deterministic forces is crucial in the socio-biological sciences and in the real world applications (e.g. vehicular traffic, pedestrian movements), as it provides a rigorous justification to a "continuum" description in situations more naturally described by a discrete approach. This talk will collect recent results on the derivation of entropy solutions to scalar conservation laws (arising e.g. in traffic flow) as many particle limits of "follow-the-leader"-type ODEs, including extensions to the case with Dirichlet boundary conditions and to the Hughes model for pedestrian movements (the results involve S. Fagioli, M. D. Rosini, G. Russo). I will then describe a recent extension of this approach to nonlocal transport equations with a "nonlinear mobility" modelling prevention of overcrowding for high densities (in collaboration with S. Fagioli and E. Radici). 

  • OxPDE Special Seminar