North meets South colloquium

30 November 2018
Jan Vonk and Robert Timms

Robert Timms

Title: Multiscale modelling of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most widely used technologies for energy storage, with applications ranging from portable electronics to electric vehicles. Due to their popularity, there is a continued interest in the development of mathematical models of lithium-ion batteries. These models encompass various levels of complexity, which may be suitable to aid with design, or for real-time monitoring of performance. After a brief introduction to lithium-ion batteries, I will discuss some of the modelling efforts undertaken here at Oxford and within the wider battery modelling community.

Jan Vonk

Title: Singular moduli for real quadratic fields

At the 1900 ICM, David Hilbert posed a series of problems, of which the 12th remains completely open today. I will discuss how to solve this problem in the simplest open case, by considering certain exotic (so called p-adic) metrics on the set of numbers, and using its concomitant theories of analysis and geometry.