Maths meets Computer Vision

1 March 2019

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Speaker 1: Pawan Kumar
Title: Neural Network Verification
Abstract: In recent years, deep neural networks have started to find their way into safety critical application domains such as autonomous cars and personalised medicine. As the risk of an error in such applications is very high, a key step in the deployment of neural networks is their formal verification: proving that a network satisfies a desirable property, or providing a counter-example to show that it does not. In this talk, I will formulate neural network verification as an optimization problem, briefly present the existing branch-and-bound style algorithms to compute a globally optimal solution, and highlight the outstanding mathematical challenges that limit the size of problems we can currently solve.

Speaker 2: Samuel Albanie
Title: The Design of Deep Neural Network Architectures: Exploration in a High-Dimensional Search Space
Abstract: Deep Neural Networks now represent the dominant family of function approximators for tackling machine perception tasks. In this talk, I will discuss the challenges of working with the high-dimensional design space of these networks. I will describe several competing approaches that seek to fully automate the network design process and the open mathematical questions for this problem.