Urban Geometry: Looking for shapes and patterns in an urban setting. Photography Exhibition 4-21 February

Looking for shapes and patterns isn't only a mathematical pursuit of course. Artists are also drawn to geometry. Our latest Oxford Mathematics photography exhibition is 'Urban Geometry' by Ania Ready & Magda Wolna. Ania and Magda describe their work: 

"Human eyes are naturally drawn to shapes and patterns, regardless of whether they look at modern buildings or vast landscapes. We decided to focus on the geometrical beauty of the urban environment. We explore various aspects of it, or to borrow from the shared photographic and geometrical vocabulary, various “angles” of it. We play with lines, focal points, repetitions and also with our Polish heritage."

Ania and Magda are Oxfordshire-based photographers and members of the Oxford Photographic Society. The exhibition runs from 4-21 February 2019.