On integral representations of symmetric groups

20 June 2019

Abstract:  As is well known, every rational representation of a finite group $G$ can be realized over $\mathbb{Z}$, that is, the corresponding $\mathbb{Q}G$-module $V$ admits a $\mathbb{Z}$-form. Although $\mathbb{Z}$-forms are usually far from being unique, the famous Jordan--Zassenhaus Theorem shows that there are only finitely many $\mathbb{Z}$-forms of any given $\mathbb{Q}G$-module, up to isomorphism. Determining the precise number of these isomorphism classes or even explicit representatives is, however, a hard task in general. In this talk we shall be concerned with the case where $G$ is the symmetric group $\mathfrak{S}_n$ and $V$ is a simple $\mathbb{Q}\mathfrak{S}_n$-module labelled by a hook partition. Building on work of Plesken and Craig we shall present some results as well as open problems concerning the construction of the
integral forms of these modules. This is joint work with Tommy Hofmann from Kaiserslautern.

  • Representation Theory Seminar