Reward and Recognition Scheme (Support & Academic-Related Staff)

The Reward and Recognition Scheme, run by departments under the auspices of the university’s Personnel Committee, has two elements:

(i) an Awards for Excellence scheme, with an annual gathered field review, for awarding incremental payments;


(ii) a Recognition Scheme, to recognise one-off, outstanding contributions at any time of the year (£200 before tax in all cases).

The call for the annual gathered field is made in Hilary term, for all eligible employees of the Mathematical Institute, and awards are paid through the April payroll.  The scheme is open to all personnel on grades 1-10 who have been in post for more than six months.   Full details of the annual scheme will be given on this page and sent by email to all staff at the time of the call.

Recommendations for a Recognition award can be made at any time of year. Applications should be sent to the Head of Administration and Finance. Please use the nomination form at the bottom of this page. 

The departmental panel to consider submissions comprises the HOD, Professor Jon Chapman and Professor Frances Kirwan. The HAF will advise the panel.

Further guidance, including FAQs, can be found at

  • For past results see the entries in the left menu panel (NB The University's then merit scheme for academic-related and support staff was suspended in 2009 and re-introduced in revised form by the Personnel Committee in 2013, with the first assessment of nominations for incremental awards taking place in Hilary term 2014). ​