Infinitely regularizing paths, and regularization by noise.

25 May 2020
Fabian Harang



In this talk I will discuss regularization by noise from a pathwise perspective using non-linear Young integration, and discuss the relations with occupation measures and local times. This methodology of pathwise regularization by noise was originally proposed by Gubinelli and Catellier (2016), who use the concept of averaging operators and non-linear Young integration to give meaning to certain ill posed SDEs. 

In a recent work together with   Nicolas Perkowski we show that there exists a class of paths with exceptional regularizing effects on ODEs, using the framework of Gubinelli and Catellier. In particular we prove existence and uniqueness of ODEs perturbed by such a path, even when the drift is given as a Scwartz distribution. Moreover, the flow associated to such ODEs are proven to be infinitely differentiable. Our analysis can be seen as purely pathwise, and is only depending on the existence of a sufficiently regular occupation measure associated to the path added to the ODE. 

As an example, we show that a certain type of Gaussian processes has infinitely differentiable local times, whose paths then can be used to obtain the infinitely regularizing effect on ODEs. This gives insight into the powerful effect that noise may have on certain equations. I will also discuss an ongoing extension of these results towards regularization of certain PDE/SPDEs by noise.​

  • Stochastic Analysis & Mathematical Finance Seminars