Oxford Mathematics during lockdown - Online Student Lectures

Like many Universities around the world, Oxford has gone online for lockdown and that has included our undergraduate lectures. Normally delivered in packed lecture halls by a lecturer and a whiteboard (sadly blackboards are now emiriti), we have had to rapidly adjust to an online substitute. So how do they look? Well, we'll be doing a feature on the student experience soon, but in the meantime take a look for yourself courtesy of two lectures: the first is from Marc Lackenby's 2nd Year Lecture course on Graph Theory, the second from Ben Green's 2nd Year course on Number Theory. When watching lectures, students can also access course materials online (as can you!). 

More widely, we are making student lectures available to the wider Public (both the online and the lecture theatre versions) to give an insight in to the student experience and how we teach Maths in Oxford. All lectures are followed by tutorials where pairs of students spend an hour with their tutor to go through the lectures and accompanying work sheets.

There are many more lectures on our YouTube Channel via the Student Lecture playlist.