Khovanskii's Theorem and Effective Results on Sumset Structure

19 October 2020
Michael Curran

A remarkable theorem due to Khovanskii asserts that for any finite subset $A$ of an abelian group, the cardinality of the $h$-fold sumset $hA$ grows like a polynomial for all sufficiently large $h$. However, neither the polynomial nor what sufficiently large means are understood in general. We obtain an effective version of Khovanskii's theorem for any $A \subset \mathbb{Z}$ whose convex hull is a simplex; previously such results were only available for $d = 1$. Our approach also gives information about the structure of $hA$, answering a recent question posed by Granville and Shakan. The work is joint with Leo Goldmakher at Williams College.

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  • Junior Number Theory Seminar