Geometric rigidity of conformal matrices

2 February 2004
Daniel Faraco
Recently Friesecke, James and Muller established the following quantitative version of the rigidity of SO(n) the group of special orthogonal matrices. Let U be a bounded Lipschitz domain. Then there exists a constant C(U) such that for any mapping v in the L2-Sobelev space the L^2-distance of the gradient controlls the distance of v a a single roation. This interesting inequality is fundamental in several problems concerning dimension reduction in nonlinear elasticity. In this talk, we will present a joint work with Muller and Zhong where we investigate an analagous quantitative estimate where we replace SO(n) by an arbitrary smooth, compact and SO(n) invariant subset of the conformal matrices E. The main novelty is that exact solutions to the differential inclusion Df(x) in E a.e.x in U are not necessarily affine mappings.
  • Applied Analysis and Mechanics Seminar