New Appointments

<p> Seven new lecturers will be joining the department in October. </p> <h2>Ruth Baker (St Hugh's)</h2> <p> Ruth has just completed her D.Phil. at the Centre for Mathematical Biology, on the modelling of pattern formation in embryos. She takes up her full duties in 2010: until then, she will be supported in part by a Lloyd's Tercentenary Fellowship and in part by an RCUK Academic Fellowship. </p> <h2>Victor Flynn (New College)</h2> <p> Victor is currently a Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Liverpool. His interests are in number theory of higher genus curves and their Jacobians. </p> <h2>Anne Henke (Pembroke)</h2> <p> Anne is currently a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Leicester. Her interests are in representation theory and Schur algebras. </p> <h2>Mike Monoyios (LMH)</h2> <p> Mike is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Finance at Brunel, currently on leave at Imperial. He is interested in optimal hedging strategies in the presence of risk and stochastic volatility modelling. </p> <h2>Alex Scott (Merton)</h2> <p> Alex is currently a Reader at UCL. His interests are in the broad area of Combinatorics, and its connections with computer science, probability theory and statistical physics. </p> <h2>Balazs Szendroi (St Peter's)</h2> <p> Balazs currently holds a Marie Curie Fellowship at Utrecht University. He is interested in algebraic geometry and its connections with physics, particularly with mirror symmetry in string theory. </p> <h2>Pierre Tarres (St Hugh's, initially joint with St Catherine's)</h2> <p> Pierre is currently a tenured CNRS Research Fellow at the Statistics and Probability Laboratory, Toulouse. He is interested in reinforced random walks and stochastic approximation. </p>