A 2D compressible membrane theory as a Gamma-limit of a nonlinear elasticity model for incompressible membranes in 3D

6 June 2005
Georg Dolzmann
We derive a two-dimensional compressible elasticity model for thin elastic sheets as a Gamma-limit of a fully three-dimensional incompressible theory. The energy density of the reduced problem is obtained in two steps: first one optimizes locally over out-of-plane deformations, then one passes to the quasiconvex envelope of the resulting energy density. This work extends the results by LeDret and Raoult on smooth and finite-valued energies to the case incompressible materials. The main difficulty in this extension is the construction of a recovery sequence which satisfies the nonlinear constraint of incompressibility pointwise everywhere. This is joint work with Sergio Conti.
  • Applied Analysis and Mechanics Seminar