£3.3m Award for New Research Centre in the Analysis of Non-Linear PDEs

In the third round of Science and Innovation Awards, announced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Mathematical Institute will receive £3.3m to establish a world-class research centre in the analysis of non-linear partial differential equations.

Professor Sir John Ball FRS led the project to establish a research centre in the analysis of non-linear PDEs at the Mathematical Institute. The centre aims to create a vibrant and stimulating research environment and provide leadership in the areas of non-linear PDEs within the UK. The analysis of PDEs is a fundamental subject area of mathematics, which links important strands of pure mathematics to applied and computational mathematics. They provide a natural mathematical description of many phenomena in the physical, natural and social sciences, often arising from fundamental conservation laws such as for mass, momentum and energy.

The grant will pay for three new permanent posts for an initial period of five years, and provide funding for postdoctoral and research students. The University will upgrade one of the permanent posts to a Chair.

Professor Sir John Ball, from the Mathematical Institute, said: `The grant represents a wonderful opportunity to help invigorate the study of non-linear partial differential equations in the UK, a topic that is of central importance to many parts of mathematics. The theoretical and practical importance of PDEs can not be over-emphasised, and fundamental advances in their understanding have implications throughout science and technology.'