New Insights into the Search for Novel Biomaterials

When it comes to mathematics James Oliver, formerly a graduate student at the Mathematical Institute, really enjoys a challenging problem. And they don’t come much more challenging than his work at the Centre for Mathematical Medicine at the University of Nottingham into developing new mathematical models to describe cell motility. This project ties in nicely with a study of cell motility on the surfaces of biomaterials – or ‘biologically compatible materials’ – that he’s undertaking as part of a complementary non-stipendiary Research Fellowship from the Royal Commission of the Exhibition of 1851 which he holds in the Bioengineering Group at University of Nottingham. The aim in both fellowships is to develop mathematical models to describe how mammalian cells travel over the surface of the biomaterials used for medical implants.

Further information is available in the EPSRC Newsline Issue 37.

James Oliver returned to the Mathematical Institute in October 2007.