F-term hybrid inflation followed by modular inflation

7 June 2007
Constantinos Pallis
&nbsp; <p style="MIN-HEIGHT: 14px; MARGIN: 0px"><i>We consider two-stage inflationary models in which a superheavy scale&nbsp;F-term hybrid inflation is followed by an intermediate scale modular inflation.&nbsp;We confront these models with the restrictions on the power spectrum of density&nbsp;perturbations P_R and the spectral index n_s from the recent data within the&nbsp;power-law cosmological model with cold dark matter and a cosmological constant.&nbsp;We show that these restrictions can be met provided that the number of e-foldings&nbsp;N_HI* of the pivot scale k*=0.002/Mpc during hybrid inflation is appropriately&nbsp;restricted. The additional e-foldings required for solving the horizon and flatness&nbsp;problems can be naturally generated by the subsequent modular inflation realized&nbsp;by a string axion.</i><br> &nbsp; &nbsp;
  • Thursday Particle Seminar