LMS prizes awarded to Roger Heath-Brown, Philip Maini, and Cornelia Drutu

Pólya Prize - awarded in recognition of outstanding creativity in, imaginative exposition of, or distinguished contribution to, mathematics within the United Kingdom

The Pólya Prize is awarded to Professor Roger Heath-Brown, of the University of Oxford, for his many contributions within analytic number theory, and his dynamic application of analytic methods in wide-ranging investigations of problems spanning number theory and arithmetic geometry.

Throughout his career, Heath-Brown has regularly produced papers that have resolved long-standing problems or have presented novel techniques that have decisively changed the landscape. He has been able to devise variations of well-established techniques that permit conclusions going well beyond what was previously thought to be possible. In consequence, he is responsible for many of the sharpest conclusions available in the most important problems stretching across analytic number theory and beyond.

Naylor Prize and Lectureship - awarded in recognition of work in and influence on Applied Mathematics or the Applications of Mathematics; or lecturing gifts

The Naylor Prize and Lectureship in Applied Mathematics is awarded to Professor Philip Maini, of the University of Oxford, in recognition of his contributions to, and influence on, the field of mathematical biology.

In recent years, mathematical biology has experienced very rapid growth, and has established itself as an area that is driving the evolution of much new mathematics, as well as having an increasing impact on the biological sciences. Maini has been at the forefront of many of these developments. Many of the problems that he studies necessitate the formulation and analysis of new models, requiring him to bring to bear both knowledge of the relevant biology and mathematical skills. He is unsurpassed by his peers at the art and science of formulating tractable mathematical models of complex biological processes.

Whitehead Prize

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to Dr Cornelia Druţu, of the University of Oxford, for her work in geometric group theory.