"Some beyond-all-orders effects for localised structures"

1 May 2008
Alan Champneys
This talk shall examine a range of problems where nonlinear waves or coherent structures are localised to some portion of a domain. In one spatial dimension, the problem reduces to finding homoclinic connections to equilibria. Two canonical problems emerge when higher-order spatial terms are considered (either via fourth-order operators or discreteness effects). One involves so-called snaking bifurcation diagrams where a fundamental state grows an internal patterned layer via an infinite sequence of fold bifurcations. The other involves the exact vanishing of oscillatory tails as a parameter is varied. It is shown how both problems arise from certain codimension-two limits where they can be captured by beyond-all-orders analysis. Dynamical systems methods can then be used to explain the kind of structures that emerge away from these degenerate points. Applications include moving discrete breathers in atomic lattices, discrete solitons in optical cavities, and theories for two-dimensional localised patterns using Swift-Hohenberg theory.
  • Differential Equations and Applications Seminar