Modelling Overland Flow and Soil Erosion: Sediment Transportation

20 November 2009
Jason Zhong
Hairsine-Rose (HR) model is the only multi sediment size soil erosion model. The HR model is modifed by considering the effects of sediment bedload and bed elevation. A two step composite Liska-Wendroff scheme (LwLf4) which designed for solving the Shallow Water Equations is employed for solving the modifed Hairsine-Rose model. The numerical approximations of LwLf4 are compared with an independent MOL solution to test its validation. They are also compared against a steady state analytical solution and experiment data. Buffer strip is an effective way to reduce sediment transportation for certain region. Modifed HR model is employed for solving a particular buffer strip problem. The numerical approximations of buffer strip are compared with some experiment data which shows good matches.
  • Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar