On some kinetic equations of swarming

18 November 2010
José Antonio Carrillo de la Plata
A kinetic theory for swarming systems of interacting individuals will be described with and without noise. Starting from the the particle model \cite{DCBC}, one can construct solutions to a kinetic equation for the single particle probability distribution function using distances between measures \cite{dobru}. Analogously, we will discuss the mean-field limit for these problems with noise. We will also present and analys the asymptotic behavior of solutions of the continuous kinetic version of flocking by Cucker and Smale The large-time behavior of the distribution in phase space is subsequently studied by means of particle approximations and a stability property in distances between measures. It will be shown that the solutions concentrate exponentially fast their velocity to their mean while in space they will converge towards a translational flocking solution.
  • Differential Equations and Applications Seminar