Stochastic synchronization of neuronal populations with intrinsic and extrinsic noise

22 February 2011
Yi Ming Lai
&nbsp;We examine several aspects of introducing stochasticity into dynamical systems, with specific applications to modelling<br />populations of neurons. In particular, we use the example of a interacting<br />populations of excitatory and inhibitory neurons (E-I networks). As each<br />network consists of a large but finite number of neurons that fire<br />stochastically, we can study the effect of this intrinsic noise using a master<br />equation formulation. In the parameter regime where each E-I network acts as a<br />limit cycle oscillator, we combine phase reduction and averaging to study the<br />stationary distribution of phase differences in an ensemble of uncoupled E-I<br />oscillators, and explore how the intrinsic noise disrupts synchronization due<br />to a common external noise source.<pre> </pre>
  • Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar