Entropy Splitting for High-Order Numerical Simulation of Compressible Turbulence

27 January 2000
Prof Neil Sandham
This work forms part of a larger research project to develop efficient low-dissipative high-order numerical techniques for high-speed turbulent flow simulation, including shock wave interactions with turbulence. The requirements on a numerical method are stringent.For the turbulence the method must be capable of resolving accurately a wide range of length scales, whilst for shock waves the method must be stable and not generate excessive local oscillations. Conventional methods are either too dissipative, or incapable of shock capturing. Higher-order ENO, WENO or hybrid schemes are too expensive for practical computations. Previous work of Yee, Sandham & Djomehri (1999) developed high-order shock-capturing schemes which minimize the use of numerical dissipation away from shock waves. The objective of the present study is to further minimize the use of numerical dissipation for shock-free compressible turbulence simulations.
  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar