Emergent IR CFTs in black hole physics

28 November 2011
I will discuss the dynamical emergence of IR conformal invariance describing the low energy excitations of near-extremal R-charged global AdS${}_5$ black holes. To keep some non-trivial dynamics in the sector of ${\cal N}=4$ SYM captured by the near horizon limits describing these IR physics, we are lead to study large N limits in the UV theory involving near vanishing horizon black holes. I will consider both near-BPS and non-BPS regimes, emphasising the differences in the local AdS${}_3$ throats emerging in both cases. I will compare these results with the predictions obtained by Kerr/CFT, obtaining a natural quantisation for the central charge of the near-BPS emergent IR CFT describing the open strings stretched between giant gravitons.
  • String Theory Seminar