Research Workshop 1 on 'Duality Theory in Algebra, Logic and Computer Science'.

13 June 2012
14 June 2012
<p><span>Organisers: Hilary Priestley, Drew Moshier and Leo Cabrer.</span><br /><br /><span>This will be dedicated principally to extensions of duality theory beyond zero-dimensional structures and to its application in novel settings. Topics that are likely to feature include duality for bilattice-based structures and associated semantics; extensions to compact Hausdorff spaces, bitopological duality, and duality for continuous data; applications to coalgebraic logic. We shall be seeking two-way interaction between those focused on a particular application and those who are seeking to extend the theory. Keynote speakers will be Mike Mislove and Drew Moshier. Samson Abramsky will be away from Oxford from</span><span class="Object">June 12</span><span>, but we are grateful for his offer to give a talk on</span><span>&nbsp;</span><span class="Object">June 11</span><span>. We are also pleased to announce that, through the good offices of Georg Gottlob (Oxford Department of Computer Science), we are able to include within W1 a tutorial lecture on the applications of bilattice semantics to computer science; this will be given by Ofer Arieli.</span></p>