p-adic zeta functions, p-adic polylogarithms and fundamental groups

7 May 2012
Netan Dogra
<p>This talk will attempt to say something about the p-adic zeta function, a p-adic analytic object which encodes information about Galois cohomology of Tate twists in its special values. We first explain the construction of the p-adic zeta function, via p-adic Fourier theory. Then, after saying something about Coleman integration, we will explain the interpretation of special values of the p-adic zeta function as limiting values of p-adic polylogarithms, in analogy with the Archimedean case. Finally, we will explore the consequences for the de Rham and etale fundamental groupoids of the projective line minus three points.</p>
  • Junior Number Theory Seminar