Bilipschitz embeddings of metric spaces in Banach spaces

8 June 2012
Bruce Kleiner
A map betweem metric spaces is a bilipschitz homeomorphism if it is Lipschitz and has a Lipschitz inverse; a map is a bilipschitz embedding if it is a bilipschitz homeomorphism onto its image. Given metric spaces X and Y, one may ask if there is a bilipschitz embedding X--->Y, and if so, one may try to find an embedding with minimal distortion, or at least estimate the best bilipschitz constant. Such bilipschitz embedding problems arise in various areas of mathematics, including geometric group theory, Banach space geometry, and geometric analysis; in the last 10 years they have also attracted a lot of attention in theoretical computer science. The lecture will be a survey bilipschitz embedding in Banach spaces from the viewpoint of geometric analysis.