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  1. Roger Penrose talks about his relationship with the Art of M C Escher

    ... inspired woodcuts and lithographs . Roger talks about a relationship that dates back nearly sixty years and also explains why ...

    lumbard - 2014-09-02 14:52

  2. Opportunity to learn more about making policy

    ... with UK parliamentarians and civil servants. They learn about each other’s work by spending time together in Westminster and the ...

    neale - 2017-03-24 09:49

  3. Kit Yates talks to Dr Yan from Bang Goes the Theory about Conics

    ... from the BBC1 TV program Bang Goes the Theory to talk about conics. The video is available on the BBC website ...

    gillow - 2014-09-02 14:52

  4. It All Adds Up

    ... Maths? Do you think they would benefit from a day hearing about and engaging in all things Maths, alongside other girls? The ...

    augustyn - 2017-09-22 16:20

  5. What are people saying about this course?

    ... we use in our everyday work and to extend my knowledge about mathematical and quantitative finance."   Achim Heinz, 2017 starter ...

    usher - 2017-01-23 13:23

  6. Outreach

    ... Please contact us for feedback and comments about this page. Last update on 5 October 2017 - 10:34. Read more about ...

    cottonbarrat - 2016-02-01 09:18

  7. The story of three polytopes and what they tell us about information acquisition

    17 November 2008 15:45 We will examine the typical structure of random polytopes by projecting the three fundamental regular polytopes: the simplex, cross-polytope, and hypercube. Along the way we will explore the implications...

    webmaster - 2008-10-02 10:56

  8. How to express knowledge about numbers and sets that cannot be formally expressed

    Author:  Isaacson, DR Publication Date:  13 March 2012 Last Updated:  2017-10-20T17:06:39.867+01:00 Symplectic id:  357911 Submitted to ORA:  Not Submitted Publication Type:  ...

    publications_manager - 2017-10-20 17:30

  9. Learning about HIV's ecology from sequence data

    29 January 2016 14:00 Professor Angela Mclean L3 Dept of Zoology University of Oxford Mathematical Biology and Ecology Seminar

    jolliffe - 2016-01-21 13:55

  10. Some problems about scattered spaces

    Author:  Haydon, R Publication Date:  1990 Volume:  95 Last Updated:  2017-10-20T17:06:33.487+01:00 Symplectic id:  30602 Submitted to ORA:  Not Submitted ...

    publications_manager - 2017-10-20 17:30