Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training)

Why Choose InFoMM

What is InFoMM

  • Oxford's InFoMM CDT is a partnership between EPSRC, the University of Oxford, and a large number of industry partners.
  • InFoMM is a four-year doctoral programme with full funding for all students.
  • InFoMM students are trained as cohorts in cutting-edge mathematical methods and how to solve industry challenges.

Why Study at InFoMM

  • This course spans the bridge between Industry and Academia.
  • The first year of training gives students a broad range of mathematical skills and exposure to a wide range of companies and sectors.
  • All projects are supervised by leading academics and industry partners.
  • InFoMM students will be poised to become leaders either in academia or in industry.

How to Apply to InFoMM

This section contains information on funding; qualifications; background; interviews; and a guide to filling in the application form.

InFoMM Course Structure

Information on the InFoMM timetable, academic courses, industry courses and skills training.

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