Hayyu Imanda (Inda)

Hayyu Imanda

"MFoCS has been extremely challenging but nevertheless truly stimulating and rewarding."

Hayyu Imanda (Inda) 2016-17

I grew up in Indonesia, before I moved to the UK to do my undergraduate degree in mathematics. At the time, I became interested in the interaction between pure mathematics other other fields; I was also deliberating between career in academia or industry, and doing MFoCS would open many doors in all respects.

The assessment method in MFoCS is unique — within the 3 weeks of working on mini projects each term, it is almost inevitable to discover an entirely new domain on each subject outside the course syllabus, due to the open-ended nature of some problems. It is then summed up with a dissertation, on our choice of topic, and getting to spend the Summer in Oxford is a plus!

What I’ve enjoyed most throughout my year is being a part of a vibrant MFoCS cohort of extremely bright and motivated individuals, of many different mathematical interests. Throughout the year, I have learned a lot — academically and personally — from and alongside the cohort, as well as other students in college and the two departments, and have made very special friends along the way. Lastly, a significant part of my year was spent playing for the tennis Blues team, which adds a competitive edge and a beautiful dynamic to university life.

MFoCS has been extremely challenging but nevertheless truly stimulating and rewarding. All in all, my experience in Oxford has been nothing but spectacular.