Which College?

How to choose a college

As with all subjects at Oxford, undergraduates will belong to one of the many colleges, most of which have their own websites. You can find more general information on the Colleges section of the University of Oxford's website.

Whilst every undergraduate college (except Harris Manchester) offers Maths, if you choose to study one of our joint schools (Maths & Statistics, Maths & Philosophy, or Maths & Computer Science) your college choice is more limited. In particular;

  • Hertford and Pembroke do not currently offer Maths & Statistics.
  • Brasenose, Hertford, Lincoln, Mansfield, Queen's, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda's, St Peter's, and Trinity do not currently offer Maths & Computer Science.
  • Hertford, Keble, Lincoln, Mansfield, Somerville, and Trinity do not currently offer Maths & Philosophy.

As lectures are organised centrally by the department, there is very little difference in the maths you will learn at the different colleges. Things that might influence your college choice include the cost of accommodation, whether accommodation is provided throughout your degree, and whether the college has a society that you are particularly interested in (for instance, an orchestra or particular sports team). 

However, you do not need to choose a college. If you've spent all your decision-making on choosing the right course for you, or you don't mind which college you study at, then you can make an open application. In this case, the university will centrally allocate you to a particular college. It's also worth noting that around a quarter of successful applicants are made offers by the college they didn't apply to (though they seem to end up liking their college anyway!).

List of college websites

The following colleges accept undergraduates for Mathematics. The approximate number of Mathematics and joint honours students each year is given in brackets for reference; please note that the actual cohort size may vary from year to year, and that there is no admissions advantage in applying to a college with more or fewer Mathematics students.


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