Mathematical and Computational Finance Seminar

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3 May 2018
Beatrice Acciaio

Title: Generalized McKean-Vlasov stochastic control problems.

Abstract: I will consider McKean-Vlasov stochastic control problems 
where the cost functions and the state dynamics depend upon the joint 
distribution of the controlled state and the control process. First, I 
will provide a suitable version of the Pontryagin stochastic maximum 
principle, showing that, in the present general framework, pointwise 
minimization of the Hamiltonian with respect to the control is not a 
necessary optimality condition. Then I will take a different 
perspective, and present a variational approach to study a weak 
formulation of such control problems, thereby establishing a new 
connection between those and optimal transport problems on path space.

The talk is based on a joint project with J. Backhoff-Veraguas and R. Carmona.

  • Mathematical and Computational Finance Seminar
17 May 2018

High-frequency realized variance approaches offer great promise for 
estimating asset prices’ covariation, but encounter difficulties 
connected to the Epps effect. This paper models the Epps effect in a 
stochastic volatility setting. It adds dependent noise to a factor 
representation of prices. The noise both offsets covariation and 
describes plausible lags in information transmission. Non-synchronous 
trading, another recognized source of the effect, is not required. A 
resulting estimator of correlations and betas performs well on LSE 
mid-quote data, lending empirical credence to the approach.

  • Mathematical and Computational Finance Seminar
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