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Welcome to the pages of the Algebra group in the Mathematical Institute at Oxford. Here you will find information on our members, the seminars and other events we organise, news about us and the research networks we participate in. There are also lists of lecture courses related to our interests.

The research interests of the group span group theory, representation theory and algebraic aspects of geometry, among many other topics. For more detailed information on the people in our group and their individual research interests, please see our list of members.

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Details of the next scheduled seminar in each of the series we organise are listed below. For future events, please follow the link to each seminar's listings.

Algebra seminar

Representation Theory seminar

27 March 2014
Nick Rosenblyum
We will describe a generalization of the algebra of differential operators, which gives a geometric approach to quantization of cotangent field theories. This construction is compatible with "integration" thus giving a local-to-global construction of volume forms on derived mapping spaces using a version of non-abelian duality. These volume forms give interesting invariants of varieties such as the Todd genus, the Witten genus and the B-model operations on Hodge cohomology.
  • Representation Theory Seminar

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