Algebra Seminar

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16 November 2021
Nikolay Nikolov

Let $G$ be a finitely presented residually finite group. We are interested in the growth of size of the torsion of $H^{ab}$ as a function of $|G:H|$ where $H$ ranges over normal subgroups of finite index in $G$. It is easy to see that this grows at most exponentially in terms of $|G:H|$. Of particular interest is the case when $G$ is an arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifold group and $H$ ranges over its congruence subgroups. Proving exponential lower bounds on the torsion appears to be difficult and in this talk I will focus on the situation of finitely presented pro-$p$ groups.

In contrast with abstract groups I will show that in finitely presented pro-$p$ groups torsion in the abelianizations can grow arbitrarily fast. The examples are rather 'large' pro-$p$ groups, in particular they are virtually Golod-Shafarevich. When we restrict to $p$-adic analytic groups the torsion growth is at most polynomial.

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