About us

The WCMB embodies mathematicians, physicists and biologists from different fields, emphasising lively and multidisciplinary teamwork with other research groups within the university, the UK and abroad. Besides the Director, Prof. Philip Maini, and three full-time faculty members, Drs Ruth Baker, Eamonn Gaffney and Derek Moulton, it presently has Royal Society Research Fellow Radek Erban, 19 graduate students, 12 postdoctoral researchers and a number of affiliated faculty. It also has a lively visitor programme with an average of between 10 to 15 visitors per year, all self-funded or on joint grants held with the WCMB. The WCMB is part of the £4m EPSRC/BBSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Systems Biology and is a member of the "CABDyN" (Complex-Agent Based Dynamical Networks) research cluster.

Our research encompasses areas as diverse as modelling social insect behaviour, tumour dynamics, wound healing, pattern formation and signalling in developmental biology, bacterial chemotaxis, regional dynamics of plants, medical imaging, gene delivery, imaging and mechanics of sperm dynamics and muco-ciliary dynamics. Within the University of Oxford, we conduct research in collaboration with the departments of Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacology, Computer Science, Engineering, Pathology, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Physics, Plant Sciences and Zoology, as well as the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Gray Institute of Radiation Oncology and Biology and Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. In many cases, grants are held jointly with collaborators and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are jointly supervised.

The WCMB has extensive national and international collaborations. Research collaborators at the national level include colleagues from the universities of Bath, East Anglia, Heriot Watt University, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton, Sheffield, Sussex and University College London, as well as Barts Cancer Institute, the Institute of Food Research and the National Institute for Medical Research. At the international level, there are on-going joint projects with colleagues in Australia (Queensland University of Technology, University of Melbourne, Monash University), Canada (University for Sick Kids), Czech Academy of Sciences, France (Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University), Germany (Humboldt University, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research), Hong Kong, Italy, Japan (Chubu and Kyoto universities), Saudi Arabia (KAUST), South Korea (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Sweden (Uppsala University), Taiwan, and the USA (University of Arizona, University of Southern California, Indiana University, University of Maryland, Ohio State University, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Virginia Tech). 

The WCMB encompasses the Editorial Office of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (published by Springer), which is the journal of the Society for Mathematical Biology.