Training in Teaching

In recognition that many Oxford doctoral students hope to make a career researching and teaching in universities, the University was awarded funding (2005--2010) by Hefce for a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), with a focus on Preparation for Academic Practice. In conjunction with the CETL the Divisions and Departments have developed programmes to provide their graduate students who teach with induction, opportunities for mentored teaching, support, and further training sessions. The Institute was involved as one of the lead departments.

The Mathematical Institute strongly encourages graduate students to become involved in its class teaching. At the start of Michaelmas Term, the Department runs an initial training session in class teaching.  It then provides opportunities for graduates to act as teaching assistants (TAs) for the third and fourth year undergraduate classes. As a TA you will be working as a sort of apprentice to the class tutor, who will report briefly at  the end of the term on your progress.  Attendance at the initial training session together with two satisfactory reports (across two terms) on class teaching lead to a pass at Stage 1 of the available training. Those who pass Stage 1 will be added to the Departmental Teaching Register which is available for college tutors to consult. Stage 1 constitutes Preparation for Learning and Teaching (PLTO) in the University's terminology. For material from the last Mathematical Institute training seminars see Class Teaching Training Sessions.

Stage 2 is called Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) and training consists of background reading, attendance at training seminars, some practical experience of teaching and reflective evaluation of the teaching. The programme is accredited by the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA). Successful completion of the DLT programme will lead to a SEDA "Supporting Learning" award, a useful addition to your cv. This award is aligned with the more widely known Associate Fellowship of the HEA (Descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework). If you wish to go on to Stage 2, which involves compiling a small teaching portfolio, please make contact with the Faculty Teaching Advisor through the Academic Administrator

For details of Stage 1 (PLTO) and Stage 2 (DLT) see the Oxford Learning Institute webpages and the MPLS training webpages

Graduates who wish to teach in undergraduate classes should contact   and complete the registration form.

Those who wish to pursue an academic career might like to consider the advice offered in the Notices of the AMS to jobseekers, as well as an analysis of the way teaching is evaluated by hiring committees. Although these are specifically about US practice, a lot of what is said is of value generally.