Past Papers

Official versions of papers as originally sat are only available from the OXAM web site. The copies of papers in the past paper archive are generated from the source of past papers held by the Mathematical Institute which may not be identical to the official copies as sat on the day in the Examination Schools. The past paper archive contains papers from the following examinations. The past paper archive can be accessed via the menu bar to the left.

First Public Examination
  • Prelims 2013-2019
  • Mods 2003-2012
  • Prelims (resits) 2005-2012
Second Public Examination

Part A

  • Part A 2014-2020
  • Part A 2004-2013

Part B

  • Part B 2012-2020
  • Part B 2004-2011

Part C

  • Part C 2011-2020
  • Part C 2006-2010
Older Papers

The archive also contains examination papers from 1991-2005.