What is MURC?


MURC is the line of communication between the body of undergraduates studying maths (and joint schools) and the Powers That Be.

The mathematicians at each college in the University nominate a representative to serve on MURC. The committee meets twice each term, usually on Friday Second Week and Friday Seventh Week, to discuss issues concerning maths students. If maths students want MURC to consider some matter, they can speak to their college's MURC rep, who can then raise it at the next meeting of the committee or they can e-mail Rodrigo Marlasca Aparicio  (President) or Amirul Adil (Secretary) with comments, suggestions and queries.

A handful of representatives from MURC sit on the Joint Consultative Committee with Undergraduates (JCCU), which meets on Friday of Third Week each term. At these meetings, they discuss matters of concern to students with senior members of the Sub-Faculty.


What services do we provide?


We also provide more tangible services to the mathematicians here:

  • MURC Bookstall: We buy and sell second-hand maths textbooks in the basement of the Maths Institute and now also online. Please email Heidi Fang (Treasurer) for all related queries.

  • Since 2009, we have produced a Freshers' Guide and organised social events for incoming students in order for them to meet students from other colleges and years on the same course outside lectures.

  • Finally, we are involved in the running of the open day every May for prospective sixth-form applicants.

If you want to learn more about MURC, contact your college rep, or the President, Rodrigo Marlasca Aparicio .