MURC Constitution and Minutes


The current version of the MURC Constitution can be downloaded PDF icon here.


All the MURC meeting minutes can be downloaded as a zip file Package icon here and the JCCU minutes can be found here.

The MURC meeting minutes from the academic year 2013/2014 onwards can be found below.

2013 / 2014

Hilary Term: PDF icon 2014HT1.pdf & PDF icon 2014HT2.pdf

Trinity Term: PDF icon 2014TT1.pdf

2014 / 2015

Michaelmas Term: PDF icon 2014MT1.pdf & PDF icon 2014MT2.pdf

Hilary Term: PDF icon 2015HT1.pdf & PDF icon 2015HT2.pdf

Trinity Term: PDF icon 2015TT1.pdf

2015 / 2016

Michaelmas Term: PDF icon 2015MT3.pdf & PDF icon 2015MTAGM.pdf

Hilary Term: PDF icon 2016HT1.pdf & PDF icon 2016HT3.pdf

Trinity Term: PDF icon 2016TTEGM.pdf

2016 / 2017

Michaelmas Term: PDF icon 2016MT1.pdf & PDF icon 2016MT2.pdf & PDF icon 2016MT3.pdf

Hilary Term: PDF icon 2017HT1.pdf & PDF icon 2017HT2.pdf

Trinity Term: PDF icon 2017TT1.pdf

2017 / 2018

Michaelmas Term: PDF icon 2017MT1.pdf & PDF icon 2017MTAGM.pdf

Hilary Term: PDF icon 2018HT1.pdf & PDF icon 2018HT2.pdf