Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Dr Eamonn O'Brien Visits Oxford

<p> Dr Eamonn O'Brien (University of Auckland) is in Oxford on a two and half week visit funded by EPSRC grant GR/S86259/01. During his visit he gave a talk to the Algebra Seminar, and has also given talks in Manchester, Canterbury & Birmingham. During his visit Eamonn O'Brien and Michael Vaughan-Lee have finalized their database of groups of order p^7. They have also settled an old problem on whether every finite p-group can be generated by a set of elements all having the same order - the answer is "No". </p>
Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Trio of LMS positions held by Mathematical Institute Members

<p> Prof. Frances Kirwan is currently President of the <a href="">London Mathematical Society</a>, just beginning her second year of office. Nick Woodhouse is the LMS Treasurer and Brian Stewart is the LMS Education Secretary. </p>
Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Alan Tayler Lecture

<p> Dr David Acheson gave the Alan Tayler Lecture for 2004 at St Catherine's College, Oxford. Title: <em>1089 and All That</em>. </p>
Monday, 8 November 2004

Prof. Frances Kirwan awarded an EPSRC Senior Research Fellowship

Frances Kirwan has been awarded an EPSRC Senior Research Fellowship for five years, starting at Easter 2005. (The EPSRC usually awards three such fellowships each year in engineering and the physical sciences). She will be working on a research project in algebraic geometry, studying moduli spaces of complex algebraic curves.

Sunday, 10 October 2004
Wednesday, 15 September 2004
Tuesday, 24 August 2004

Terence John Lyons named IMS Fellow

Terence John Lyons, Wallis Professor of Mathematics, St. Anne's College, University of Oxford was named Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). The induction ceremony took place July 28, 2004 at the IMS Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Professor Lyons received the award for fundamental contributions to analysis and probability, ranging from those of a purely geometric character to applications in financial management.

Tuesday, 24 August 2004
Monday, 19 July 2004

Katerina Kaouri wins prize for best student talk

The prize for the best short talk in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Student 2004 Symposium on a graduate research project was awarded to Katerina Kaouri, OCIAM, for her talk "Modelling Sonic Boom".

Tuesday, 29 June 2004

David Acheson awarded National Teaching Fellowship

David Acheson has been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship worth £50,000 in recognition of 'his outstanding contribution to learning and teaching'. He plans to use the award to attempt a breakthrough in the communication of mathematics, particularly to students who are about to start at university.