Logical limit laws for minor-closed classes of graphs

24 October 2013
<p>Let $G$ be an addable minor-closed class of graphs. We prove that a zero-one law holds in monadic second-order logic (MSO) for connected graphs in G, and a convergence law in MSO for all graphs in $G$. For each surface $S$, we prove the existence of a zero-one law in first order logic (FO) for connected graphs embeddable in $S$, and a convergence law in FO for all graphs embeddable in $S$. Moreover, the limiting probability that a given FO sentence is satisfied is independent of the surface $S$. If $G$ is an addable minor-closed class, we prove that the closure of the set of limiting probabilities is a finite union of intervals, and it is the same for FO and MSO. For the class of planar graphs it consists of exactly 108 intervals. We give examples of non-addable classes where the results are quite different: for instance, the zero-one law does not hold for caterpillars, even in FO. This is joint work with Peter Heinig, Tobias Müller and Anusch Taraz. </p>
  • Combinatorial Theory Seminar