Hypergraph matchings

29 October 2013
Peter Keevash
Perfect matchings are fundamental objects of study in graph theory. There is a substantial classical theory, which cannot be directly generalised to hypergraphs unless P=NP, as it is NP-complete to determine whether a hypergraph has a perfect matching. On the other hand, the generalisation to hypergraphs is well-motivated, as many important problems can be recast in this framework, such as Ryser's conjecture on transversals in latin squares and the Erdos-Hanani conjecture on the existence of designs. We will discuss a characterisation of the perfect matching problem for uniform hypergraphs that satisfy certain density conditions (joint work with Richard Mycroft), and a polynomial time algorithm for determining whether such hypergraphs have a perfect matching (joint work with Fiachra Knox and Richard Mycroft).
  • Combinatorial Theory Seminar