Diffeomorphism Invariant Gauge Theories

25 November 2013
Kirill Krasnov
I will define and describe in some details a large class of gauge theories in four dimensions. These theories admit a variational principle with the action a functional of only the gauge field. In particular, no metric appears in the Lagrangian or is used in the construction of the theory. The Euler-Lagrange equations are second order PDE's on the gauge field. When the gauge group is taken to be SO(3), a particular theory from this class can be seen to be (classically) equivalent to Einstein's General Relativity. All other points in the SO(3) theory space can be seen to describe "deformations" of General Relativity. These keep many of GR's properties intact, and may be important for quantum gravity. For larger gauge groups containing SO(3) as a subgroup, these theories can be seen to describe gravity plus Yang-Mills gauge fields, even though the associated geometry is much less understood in this case.
  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar