Classifier ensembles: Does the combination rule matter?

23 January 2014
Ludmila Kuncheva
Combining classifiers into an ensemble aims at a more accurate and robust classification decision compared to that of a single classifier. For a successful ensemble, the individual classifiers must be as diverse and as accurate as possible. Achieving both simultaneously is impossible, hence compromises have been sought by a variety of ingenious ensemble creating methods. While diversity has been in the focus of the classifier ensemble research for a long time now, the importance of the combination rule has been often marginalised. Indeed, if the ensemble members are diverse, a simple majority (plurality) vote will suffice. However, engineering diversity is not a trivial problem. A bespoke (trainable) combination rule may compensate for the flaws in preparing the individual ensemble members. This talk will introduce classifier ensembles along with some combination rules, and will demonstrate the merit of choosing a suitable combination rule.
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar