Quantum deformations of projective three-space

27 January 2014
Brent Pym

Noncommutative projective geometry is the study of quantum versions of projective space and other projective varieties.  Starting with the celebrated work of Artin, Tate and Van den Bergh on noncommutative projective planes, a substantial theory of noncommutative curves and surfaces has been developed, but the classification of noncommutative versions of projective three-space remains unknown.  I will explain how a portion of this classification can be obtained, via deformation quantization, from a corresponding classification of holomorphic foliations due to Cerveau and Lins Neto.  In algebraic terms, the result is an explicit description of the deformations of the polynomial ring in four variables as a graded Calabi--Yau algebra.

  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar